The tonsils are the lymphatic tissue, which provides part of the protective barrier of the body against various microorganisms, whether bacteria, viruses or fungal pathogens of the infectious diseases.

The medical name for tonsils's tonsils. Two of them are visible at the well mouth open - on both sides of the throat. These are so-called tonsils. Under the tongue also has tons respectively name and is determined by the location and (sublingual tonsil).

Besides these, in the nasopharynx is features and other tonsil called adenoidea. In normal state when its dimensions are not increased, it can be seen in the mouth open. But when it is increased, the lower end and is visible from the upper part of the throat.

What are the reasons that lead to an increase in adenoideata?

The increase in adenoideata or also known as third tonsil is characteristic mostly for children. And age mainly between 3 and 6 years.

As with most pathologies in medicine, genetic components is essential. That is, if the child's parents have a history of third tonsil removed, it is likely to occur in children increases.

Some viruses attack in more third tonsil. These are known as the adenoviruses. They have affinity mainly to the airways and the intestines. Distributed by droplets, ie by coughing, sneezing, and in speaking.

Children who suffer often gets hypertrophy adenoideata - i.e., an increase of the tonsils, due to the frequent inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. If between two separate colds interval of time is small, the tonsils is no time to reduce its size. Thus is obtained a kind of a vicious circle in which adenoideata increased without having time to reduce its size.